Rohan Das

Sophomore Undergradguate @ CSE IIT Delhi


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Personal Profile

Hi there

I'm Rohan. Currently, I am a sophomore Undergraduate in the computer science & Engineering Department of IIT Delhi .My current Interests lie in Cryptography , Machine Learning , Computer Graphics and Algorithms.

I prefer working in a team over solo projects. Here's what I have accomplished so far!!!

Apart from Academics I am a huge fan of japanese Animation (Anime &Manga).I like playing Computer Games(Dota II). I'm also passionate about Classical &Rock music!


File compressor using L-Z-W algorithm

Programmed in C++ .Consists of two parts , an encoder and a decoader. Here's the link to the executable files!!

Used naïve bayes method to build a spam classifier

Used the naïve bayes method in programming a spam classifier.A file containing words and their frequencies in spam and non spam mails was taken as input.

Implemented Quine Mccluskey method for minimizing binary functions

The Quine Mccluskey method for minimizing(2 level minimization) Binary functions was implementes in C++. Input followed the standard convention as followed by espresso.

Built a scissor lift cum trolley

Under Prof. P.V.M Rao in the course MEP-101

This was a group project.It took 2 months to complete. Here's the link to a video we made


Programming Languages

  • SML
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • VHDL
  • Python
  • Html


  • DevC++
  • CodeBlocks
  • NetBeans
  • Xilinx ISE


High School

Completed High School @ S.T Lawrence High School. Under 99.99 percentile in final exam.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi)

Entered IIT Delhi with an All India Rank of 51.

Current GPA: 8.882

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