BTP - Analysis of NREGA Data

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Phase 1: Data Scrapping and Visualisations

We first scrapped some data from NREGA website, using a python script with Selenium web driver for automation of web browser. The python code for the script can be found here.
We scrapped data for block- Ghumarwin (Himachal pradesh) and performed visualisations on the data, which can be found on the link below.

Phase 1: Visualisation

Phase 2: Goa Data Analysis

MoRD gave us the data of Goa for us to check the format and schema of it. Once we confirmed, they then needed many days to give us the data for the rest of the states. In the mean time we did some analysis and visualisation on Goa data which can be found on the link below.

Phase 2: Visualisation

Phase 3: Analysis of data of 20 states

MoRD then gave us the data for 22 states, out of which two state could not be loaded on our Database server because of its size exceeding than that mentioned in the software license. We performed analysis on the rest of the 20 states, in which we had to exclude 'Nagaland' data in many cases due to faulty data provided which could not be recovered with the tactics we tried to resolve it with. The visualisation for this section can be found on the link below.

Phase 3: Visualisation