Bloodconnect is a non-profit organization started by a bunch of motivated college students, they work towards ensuring a reliable supply of blood for medical emergencies in the entire National Capital Region (they do great work, do visit their website). Apart from regularly organizing blood-donation camps, they spread awareness and encourage people to donate blood through thoughtful publicity campaigns. I have been lucky to be part of these campaigns and below are some posters that I created for them.

Iron Rich: The following poster was created to spread awareness on what constitutes a diet rich in iron, prospective donors must have sufficient haemoglobin levels (Yes, that's Iron Man in the center).

10,000 Likes: The following graphic commemorates 10,000 likes on their Facebook page.

Who can donate to whom?: The following graphic explains the relationship between various blood groups.

Krypton is an online quiz held biannually as part of IIT Delhi's technical festival, Tryst as well as the cultural festival, Rendezvous. Participants need to solve questions to proceed along a maze, the first to reach the finish, wins. For Tryst 2012, apart from contributing quiz questions, I had the chance to design the art for Krypton. My idea was to shape the path along a Dragon fractal, the participants having to 'Tame the Dragon', so to speak, to suceed. Newer paths opened up by successive iterations of the fractal as one proceeded.
Questions are marked by white circles, the dark blue tendrils mark a valid path. The path unfolded from left to right.

I frequently make posters for events happening around campus, here are a few I'm not ashamed of.

Lone Wolf: Lone Wolf is an annual quiz conducted by IIT Delhi's quizzing club.

A New Quiz Format: During my tenure as the Secretary of the IITD's quizzing club, I introduced a new quiz format (details of which, can be found in Projects). True to the format's idea of Hamiltonian cycles, the poster paid tribute to the Icosian Game.

A couple more.

A refined IIT Delhi logo: This was my first creation using vector graphics, the original logo is on the right.

The Lamp is knowledge. The Exponential Curve spiralling outwards represents the Institute's central theme of engineering. The encircling Gear depicts the nation's industry to which its students will go. The Elephant represents the city of Delhi, purity and strength; and the two flowers, the Lotus and the Rose, represent India and England, symbolizing the co-operation and close ties between the two countries that have brought the Institute into being.

CSE@IIT Delhi: A minimalistic graphic for the CSE department at IIT Delhi and a picture of Bharti building, which houses the department. This graphic was subsequently used on the department's Tshirt.

In high school, we, a group of three friends, created several robots to compete in national-level competitions, these competitions saw participation exclusively from college teams. Here are two robots I fondly remember.

  • Micromouse
    Created for Techfest'09 IIT Bombay, its a small autonomous robot (a mouse if you may) which when kept at the corner of a maze finds it's way to the center.

    The microprocessor is on top, proximity sensors are in the front, the robot uses stepper motors, and there's a chopped bottom of a computer mouse beneath the robot which serves as an odometer. We made two of these, the one with the acrylic chasis (bottom row) was lighter and had a LCD to aide debugging.

  • Void
    Created for Techfest'07 IIT Bombay, the task was to pick up ping-pong balls, cross a deep ditch (a void if you may) and deposit them on the other side.

    The arm with the cone at its end comes down hard on a ping-pong ball, the rubber band does a great job of gobbling it up. The balls get stored in the container at the back, also there is a bridge which rolls out of the robot and over the ditch (visible in the background).
My platonic love for the platonic solids began at an early age. I enjoy creating polyhedra using transparency sheets and super glue, I also enjoy modular origami. Below are some of my creations.

Snub Dodecahedron

Stellated Dodecahedron inscribed in a Icosahedron

Snub Cube inscribed in a Cube

(RIGHT) A Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedron transforming into a Cube This is half a Yoshimoto Cube

(CENTRE) A Dodecahedron inscribed in a Icosahedron They make a cute dual pair

(LEFT) A Cube inscribed in a Octahedron inscribed in a Dodecahedron This was part of my plan to symmetrically inscribe all the platonic solids in one object (a la Kepler). A tetrahedron is known to fit very nicely in a cube, cube and octahedron are duals so they fit, the octahedron fits inside the dodecahedron suprisingly symmetrically and finally the dodecahedron can fit inside a icosahedron (duals).

Salt Crystals Apart from the mind-blowing fact that salt crystals exhibit their nanostructure on a macro scale, crystal growing is a very enjoyable activity something akin to gardening. Crystals grow very slowly, the apparatus needs care daily and the results are truly amazing. I have tried my hand at growing really large crystals (some of these took upwards of a year), I regret nothing.

Potash Alum & Chrome Alum
Potassium aluminium sulphate and Chromium aluminium sulphate form beautiful octahedral crystals, one can adjust the concentration of chrome alum to get different shades of purple.

Copper Suplhate pentahydrate

(RIGHT) A Potash alum crystal grown around a Chrome alum crystal.

(LEFT) Crystals of Pottasium dichromate

  • Secretary, Quizzing Club, IIT Delhi 2012-13
    I have been actively involved with IIT Delhi's quizzing club. In my sophomore year I served as my hostel's representative to the club, we won the Inter-Hostel Quizzing championship that year. In my third year I was elected to the post of Secretary, I led a team of twelve hostel representatives to conduct all activities of the club. The club was adjudged the Best Club, Board for Recreational and Cultural activities, IIT Delhi that year. Currently, I serve as a member of the quizzing club's Advisory Panel, advising the current secretary and his team on matters pertaining to the club.
  • Head, Creativity Team, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) IIT Delhi Chapter 2012-13
    Led a team of two members to design all posters and banners for the chapter's activities, also designed art for Krypton, an institute level online treasure hunt held as part of IIT Delhi's technical festival.

  • Student Mentor, Mentorship Program, IIT Delhi 2012-13
    Mentored twelve freshman to their transition into college life.

  • President, Robotics Club Delhi Public School RK Puram 2009-10