Indoor Navigation System for Visually Impaired

Our Mission

Among the many challenges faced by the visually challenged persons are the constraints of independent mobility and navigation in an unfamiliar indoor environment. Finding the location and path to some desired location including public utilities inside the building can be a daunting task. GPS based navigation that is now getting widely used is not feasible in an indoor environment.

Unfortunately, roughly 90% of the world’s disabled persons are in developing countries, with little or no access to affordable assistive technology products. Consequently, they have a very low status in society.

Our solution is a cell-phone based indoor mobility system for blind persons that can help them navigate independently in an unfamiliar building without any external sighted assistance. Our solution requires minimal additional building infrastructure and can be easily retrofitted onto existing buildings. Further, it is easy to use, low-cost and can be attached to the user's waist or cane.


Roshni Pilot stage work

Team roshni Wins I-CARE 2012

Team Roshni wins 1st prize in poster prensentation at IBM Colabrative Academia Research Exchange (I-CARE) 2012, held in IISc, Bangalore, India