HUL336: Creative Writing Workshop

II semester: 2021-22

Amitabha Bagchi

Class Timings: M Th 9:30AM-11AM.
Venue: Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Course objectives

The purpose of this course is to facilitate the growth of the student as a creative writer.


Please find the readings under the "Files" tab on Teams.

Course calendar


Assignments in italics are ungraded. Those in bold are graded.

Writing work

The following three modes of writing will be assigned for this course.

Instructions and guidelines

How to submit your assignments

On Teams there is a channel with each students name. Please post a pdf to your assignment on that channel by the deadline. Each student will be assigned two readers. Please tag your readers when you post the assignment.
Click here to find out who your readers are for the next assignment. Please make sure you give each piece a title. Mention your name as the author and also mention the assignment number and name.

How to submit your response

Please post your response in the channel with the name of the student whose piece you are responding to. Mention your own name as the author of the response. Your response should be a properly written piece and you should make a pdf of it before posting it.

Guidelines for writing your response

How to maintain your journal

Guidelines for journal writing


Apart from the writing work described above you will also be graded on your participation in class discussions and for having done the prescribed readings. Break up is as below:

Writing assignments (Best 4 out of 6): 40 marks
Responses (Best 8 out of 12): 24 marks
Class participation (Best 24 out of 36 lectures): 16 marks
Journal: 12 marks
Revision: 8 marks

Note: There is no concept of late submission in this course. Late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances and emails in this regard will not be answered.

Audit criteria: You must submit at least 4 assignments on time and 12 responses (3 responses each for 4 assignments) on time and attend at least 24 lectures to be eligible for an audit pass grade. If you fulfil these criteria and score at least 30/100 you will get an audit pass.

Plagiarism penalty: Since creative writers have to follow a very high moral standard, the penalty for even a single line plagiarised without attribution in either an assignment or a response will be a fail grade (F or NF as appropriate) for the entire course. It is your responsibility to ensure that you check that your writing is original and that no other student gets hold of your work.

Amitabha Bagchi