CSL866: Percolation and Random Graphs

I semester: 2007-08

Arzad Kherani and Amitabha Bagchi

Class Timings: M Th 5PM to 6:30PM .
Room: CSE Discussion room, 404 Bharti Building.


The theory of percolation in grids has had wide application in physics and is beginning to make its presence felt in the area of computer networks. We provide an introduction to this area, presenting the notion of critical probabilities, analyzing the subcritical and supercritical phases, building towards Kesten's famous proof that the critical probability for the 2-dimensional grid is 1/2. Additionally we study various random graph models and their applicability to the study of wireless and ad-hoc networks. A detailed breakup of topics will follow.

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Scribing lecture notes 25%
Homework 15%
Minor I 20%
Minor II 20%
Major 20%


Arzad Kherani
Amitabha Bagchi