COL863: Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
Topic: Mathematics of Data Science

(Also listed as CSL863 for those following the old curriculum)

II semester: 2015-16

Amitabha Bagchi

Class Timings:Monday Wednesday 3:30PM to 4:50PM.
Room: Bharti 201.
TA: Guntash Arora. IIT LDAP id: cs5110279.


Core topics: High-dimensional space and its properties; Linear algebra and Singular Value Decomposition; Spectral methods; Random walks and their applications.
Other topics (to be covered if time is available and based on interest): Random graphs and network models; Algorithms for massive data sets and space-efficient data structures, Convex optimisation, Clustering.

Background required: graph theory, linear algebra.


Refresher texts

Notes etc.


Evaluation will be through homeworks and exams.


Exam guidelines

Amitabha Bagchi