COL106: Data Structures and Algorithms

II semester: 2023-24

Kumar Madhukar and Amitabha Bagchi

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Attendance record.
TA Assignment.
Seating assignment.
Lab test instructions.
Lab Test seating assignment.

Class Details

Timings: Tue Thu Fri, 11AM-11:55AM.
Venue: LH 325.

Course calendar


Supplementary Material

Lab instructions

The course will have 5 lab tests. Prior to each lab test you will be given coding work to do. This work will not be evaluated. However this work will be designed in such a way that students who have done this work will be better placed to do well in the lab test.

Lab sessions

Starting from 5 February 2024, 7 weekly lab sessions will be held. The dates for the sessions are given in the course calendar. These sessions will be held online by your TA (see TA assignment above). Attendance in these sessions is recommended but not mandatory.

Lab Materials

Lab FAQs: Click here for clarification regardng labs.


Note on Lab tests: There will be 5 scheduled lab tests (including Lab Test 5 scheduled on 06.05.2024, see course calendar). Best 4 out of 5 tests will be considered. If you miss more than one lab test you are encouraged to withdraw the course.


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