COL106: Data Structures and Algorithms

I semester: 2021-22

Venkata V Koppula and Amitabha Bagchi

Important: Lab FAQs. Includes clarifications on lab sheets and projects, grading breakup, lab attendance, test modalities, Java installation and other tech issues.

Class Details

Timings: Tue Thu Fri, 11AM-11:55AM.
Venue: Impartus.

Timings: 2-4 PM.
For your lab days please see the course calendar below.

Please click here to find out your TA's name.

Course calendar

Supplementary Material

Apart from these, here are links to other material we will refer to.

Lab Materials

Below are the links to the "teach yourself Java" module and the supporting code. You are required to solve all the exercises in the module.

Lab instructions


Labs (Best 4 of 6): 28% (Each lab will have 4% for lab test, 3% for a lab submission. Best score to be determined by lab days not by the two components of lab score).
Programming project: 12%
Minor: 20%
Major: 40%

Audit requirement. In case you choose to audit this class you must score 30 percent in both the lab and the exam component, i.e., 12/40 in Labs+programming projects and 18/60 in Minor+Major.


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