COL106: Data Structures and Algorithms

I semester: 2018-19

Amitabha Bagchi

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Timings: Tue Thu Fri, 11AM-11:55AM.
Room: LH 325.

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Supplementary Material

Java Lab

Below are the links to the "teach yourself Java" module and the supporting code. You are required to solve all the exercises in the module. The 2016 version has been removed and the version linked here is now the current one.

Programming Assignments

All assignment submission is through moodle only. Emailed assignments will be deleted immediately.
Some clarifications regarding the assignments
  1. For any assignment if you do not appear for the viva you get 0/100. No exceptions. If you are late for the viva you will incur a penalty on the entire assignment (not just the viva part) of at least 50%. You may not be allowed a late viva depending on your TA.
  2. Only those students who have submitted code within the deadline on moodle will be allowed to appear for the viva. No code on moodle = no viva. No exceptions.
  3. If you cannot satisfy the TA that you understand your code then you will get low marks, overall you cannot get more than 20/100 in the entire assignment. Even if you have received 50/50 because your program works correctly on the test cases.
  4. In assignment 1 the TAs have given 50/50 on the test cases to some students who couldn't satisfy them that they understood the code. In such cases a student who doesn't know the code could end up getting 60-70/100. In all such cases I have asked the TAs to reduce your marks.
  5. From Assignment 2 onward there will be no late submission. If you can't submit by the deadline your assignment will not be accepted. Emailed assignments will be deleted without looking. Also see point #2 above: you will not be allowed to appear for the viva. Please do your work on time. Since Assignment 1 was the first assignment we allowed a late submission but no more.


Lab tests: 6%
Programming assignments (Best 4): 24%
Minor 1: 20%
Minor 2: 20%
Major: 30%

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