Mathematical Programming

Course codeCOL756
InstructorAshish Chiplunkar
Teaching AssistantAjay Soni
ClassesTuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 - 11:00 (Slot E)
Office hourTBD

How to contact the instructor

If your issue is relevant to most of the class, post on course's discussion forum on Teams or Piazza. Else, send a personal message to the instructor on Teams. Avoid sending emails to the instructor (they could get lost among spam), but if you must, send one to ashishc@iitd... with the subject line beginning with [COL756].


Content (tentative)

Reference Books

Useful Platforms

Evaluation Policy

Homeworks20%To be done in groups of size ≤ 3
Minor exams40%2 minor exams. No compensation for missed exams except for medical reasons, in which case a doctor's certificate must be submited.
Major exam40%

30% marks are necessary and sufficient for a passing grade, both in the credit as well as audit mode.

Academic Dishonesty Policy

The default penalty for academic dishonesty is as follows. If the concerned student chooses to audit the course, they get an NF. Else, the concerned student gets a zero for all answers that were obtained from illegitimate sources. Moreover, if their total marks make them eligible to get at least a B-, then they actually get a D; else, they get an F.