Discrete Mathematics

Course codeCOL202
InstructorAshish Chiplunkar
Teaching AssistantsAjay Soni, Aman Shreshtha, Kabir Tomer, Nikhil Ayyadevara, Nivedita Shrivastava, Rashul Chutani, Sagar Sharma, Shivansh Juyal, Vijay Bhardwaj
ClassesMonday and Thursday 09:30 - 11:00 (Slot B)
Office hourTBD

How to contact the instructor

If your issue is relevant to most of the class, post on course's discussion forum on Teams or Piazza. Else, send a personal message to the instructor on Teams. Avoid sending emails to the instructor (they could get lost among spam), but if you must, send one to ashishc@iitd... with the subject line beginning with [COL202].


JEE Mathematics syllabus, specifically:

Content (tentative)


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Evaluation Policy

Quizzes30%3 quizzes. No compensation for missed quizzes except for medical reasons, in which case a doctor's certificate must be submited.
Major exam40%

30% marks are necessary and sufficient for a passing grade, both in the credit as well as audit mode.