Data Structures

Course codeCOL106
InstructorsNaveen Garg and Ashish Chiplunkar
Teaching AssistantsTBD
ClassesLH121 LH325 (Lecture Hall Complex); Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00 - 12:00 (Slot F)
Office hourTBD

Eligibility and Prerequisites

This offering of COL106 is only for CS, EE, and MT undergraduates; all others interested in taking COL106 will have to do so in an even semester. COL100 is a hard pre-requisite, so students who haven't passed in COL100 are not eligible. No exceptions!



Useful Platforms

Evaluation Policy

Programming Assignments30%Late submission not permitted.
Minor exam25%
Pre-major Quiz5%
Major exam35%
Attendance and class participation5%

Passing criteria: At least 30% marks total, at least 30% marks in exams.

Cheating policy: 0 in the entire programming assignment component if found copying code (also applies to students who let others copy their code). F grade + disciplinary action if found cheating in exams.