Aryabartta Sahu 
    Ph.D. Scholar
     Dept. of Computer Science & Engg.
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

    Office:  Architecture Lab, Room No- IIA/505, 4th Floor,  Bharti Buliding, IIT Delhi,
Email: asahu AT  Phone: +91-11-2659-6041
    Residence:  NC-28, Zhanskar Hostel,  IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-16, India.

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Topic             : Evaluation and Mapping of Applications on Heterogeneous Multiprocessor
Supervisors   : M. Balakrishnan and  P. R. Panda
1.  A Generic Platform for Estimation of Multi-threaded Program Performance on Heterogeneous
       Multiprocessor  A. Sahu, M. balakrishnan, Preeti Ranjan Panda,  To apear in IEEE/ACM SIGDA Design
       Automation and Test in  Europe (DATE) Nice, France, April 2009.

Teaching Assistant:
PG Courses  Architecture of High Performance System(CS718)
Sem II 2004-2005,     Sem II 2005-2006,   Sem II 2006-2007
UG Courses Computer Architeture(CS211)
Sem I 2006-2007
Data Structure (CS201)  
Sem I 2007-2008
                       Introduction to Computer Programming (CSL101)
Sem I 2007-2008,  Sem II 2007-2008,  Sem I 2004-2005,   Sem I 2003-2004, Sem II 2003-2004

Involved in other work:
1. Platform based design of real time sonar beam-former
2.  Design of multiprocessors simulator using simple-scalar     
3.  Design space exploration of low power LDPC codecs
4. Generic profiler using SUIF compiler framework
5. Cache behavior inclusion in perf estimator using Valgrind  
6.  Perf. estimation of SPEC Benchmark
7. Cell Simulator and Its performance estimation                        
8.  Multiprocessor cache sharing policy         

Resume:  AryabarttaSahu.Resume.jpg

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