Software Applications Towards Assistive Technologies for Persons with Visual Impairments

This is an interdisciplinary area of research composed of Human Computer Interaction, Document Analysis, Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing.

Time: 2 P.M.
Place: 113, Committee Room, SIT building
Contact Person: Akashdeep Bansal

Event Calender

Date Presentation Lead Presentation Title
09/10/2018 Sunil Kumar Axessibility: a LaTeX Package for Mathematical Formulae Accessibility in PDF Documents
28/08/2018 Akashdeep Bansal Evaluating a Tool for Improving Accessibility to Charts and Graphs
14/08/2018 Sunil Kumar An automatized method based on LaTeX for the realization of accessible PDF documents containing formulae
31/07/2018 Himanshu Garg Automatic description generation from images: a survey of models, datasets, and evaluation measures
24/07/2018 Neha Jadhav Accessible On-Line Floor Plans
17/07/2018 Akashdeep Bansal Tagged Mathematics in PDFs for Accessibility and other purposes
10/07/2018 Sunil Kumar Mathspeak: An Audio Method for Presenting Mathematical Formulae to Blind Students
03/07/2018 Neha Jadhav Multimodal Eyes-Free Exploration of Maps: TIKISI for Maps