COL334/672: Computer Networks

Class Timing

Diwali Semester 2021
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9 - 10 AM (Slot D)

Course Instructors

Prof. Huzur Saran and Dr. Abhijnan Chakraborty

Teaching Assistants

Hemant Dhankar, Rajat Jaiswal, Sahil Manchanda, Rajat Singh, Sanket C Uppin, Nikki Tiwari, Maya Kumari and Ritvik Vij.

Course Content

This is an introductory undergraduate course on Computer Networks. The focus will be on the suite of protocols used in the Internet. The course will cover protocols at the Application, Transport, Network, Data link and Physical layers.


Course Evaluation

  • Minor Exam: 25%
  • Major Exam: 30%
  • Assignments: 25%
  • Quizzes: 15%
  • Class participation: 5%
Note: The evaluation plan is subject to change based on institute/department policies and other related factors.