About Tejas

Tejas Simulator® is an open-source, Java-based multicore architectural simulator built by the Srishti research group, IIT Delhi. It includes support for Java applications simulation, multicore simulation, cache coherence, NUCA protocols, and power simulation.

Getting started with Tejas is extremely easy. It is easy to install, and run the simulator. Additionally, Tejas has an extremely modular component-oriented design, and it is easy to add new features. Tejas simulates the x86 ISA (32 and 64 bits). It is easy to add support for other ISAs as well. Simulation speeds achieved by Tejas are at par, if not better than most open source simulators.

Tejas is ideal for use in a computer architecture course. It is being used in the "Architecture of High Performance Computers" course offered at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for the last two years (roughly 150 students).

Tejas is also very well suited for conducting research in computer architecture. Some of the papers published using Tejas can be found here, and the MICRO tutorial slides can be found here.

A version of Tejas for simulating Java applications has been released. More details can be found here.

A parallel version of Tejas for simulating GPUs has also been developed. Please click here to know the details.

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