Meet The Team

Faculty Members

Prof. M. Balakrishnan

M. Balakrishnan

Professor, IIT Delhi

Prof. Balakrishnan has close to 30 years of experience in teaching and research at IIT Delhi. He is also a principal investigator in Assistech group.

Dr. Chetan Arora

Chetan Arora

Assistant Professor, IIIT Delhi

Dr. Chetan is an alumni of IIT Delhi. He has been actively involved with the Assistech group as a vision expert.

PhD Students

Rajesh Kedia

PhD Student, IIT Delhi

I am looking into MAVI as a system level design problem and exploring research options within that. My primary research objective is to enable an efficient exploration of various design choices in MAVI.

Anupam Sobti

PhD Student, IIT Delhi

I am using MAVI as a platform for research on fusion of various types of sensors for optimization of system objectives like power, accuracy, etc. I'm also looking into the cognitive modelling for actuators through which the information is conveyed to the user.

Past Contributors

Saurav SolankiWorked on MAVI Integration and Control System.
Akshay PansariWorked on object detection module and acceleration.
VaibhavWorked on dog detection module.
Swapnil DasWorked on Face Recognition acceleration with Intel Movidius.
Kartar SinghWorked on enhancing the control system as well as API definition for different tasks.
Chrystle Myrna LoboWorked on animal detection. Working on video based object tracking.
Ayush VermaWorked on accelerating Signboard detection along with OCR analysis.
V. Sajit GuptaWorked on cloud implementation of Animal Detection.
Sarvesh ChandoliyaWorked on Face Recognition system in MAVI using OpenFace. Also helped in system integration.[Thesis]
Anil Kumar MeenaWorked on signboard detection and OCR. Also contributed the signboard dataset.[Thesis]
Mukund RungtaWorked on object detection and speed up using Movidius Neural Compute Stick. A major contribution to the team was the dog dataset.[Thesis]
Akhil SoniWorked on the control system and developed a prototype based on Google cloud services.[Thesis]
Divya PraneethaWorking on Localization module in MAVI which helps in navigation for visually impaired. The module receives data from GPS and IMU devices and performs sensor fusion through Kalman filtering.
Sachin YadavHis role in MAVI is to experiment with RGB-D (RGB + depth) input via Intel RealSense R200 to determine its viability for use in the MAVI system, particularly as a primary device for pothole detection.
Richa VermaI worked on the animal detection module of MAVI, focussed on Cow Detection. We used both HOG+SVM as well as SSD Approach for the same. [Thesis]
Prerna AgarwalI worked on the Texture Detection module of MAVI. This task involves identifying texture of the surface on which the blind person is walking.[Thesis]
Srijan MishraI am working on the problem of shadow detection and removal. Shadows cause a lot of problem in feature detection in tasks like texture detection and their removal is essential for such algorithms to work properly.
Saurabh AgrawalI worked on the design of a hardware accelerator for face detection and recognition.[Thesis]
Durgesh ChoudharyI worked on Surface Texture Detection and Pothole Detection module of MAVI.[Thesis]
Anand AgarwalI worked on Signboard Detection module of MAVI. This task involves identifying the signboards present in the vicinity of a blind person. Identifying the text on the signboard and delivering the message to the person is the end goal of this module.[Thesis]
Munib FazalI worked on the Face Detection Module for MAVI.[Thesis]
Dedeepya ReddyI worked on the Signboard Detection Module for MAVI.[Thesis]
Nipun GuptaI worked on the Android App development for MAVI.[PPT]
KK Hassan BashaI worked on the Localization Module for MAVI.[Thesis]
Yoosuf K KI worked on the Texture Detection Module for MAVI.[Thesis]