New faculty member Rohit Vaish

Prof. Rohit Vaish (Ph.D., IISc) joined today on 25.11.2021. He is broadly interested in problems at the interface of computer science and economics, particularly in the areas of computational social choice and game theory.


Alumnus Mohit Aron gifts USD 1 million to CSE Department

Mohit Aron, BTech CSE 1995, has gifted a million dollars to the Computer Science and Engineering department at IIT Delhi. The Mohit Aron Endowment will be used to help CSE establish itself as a world-leading computer science department. Click here to read more.


New faculty member Kumar Madhukar

Prof. Kumar Madhukar (Ph.D., Chennai Mathematical Institute) joined today on 07.10.2021. His research interests are in program verification, model checking, and syntax-guided synthesis.


New faculty Abhilash and Nikhil

CSE Department welcomes two new faculty members who joined us on January 25th: Abhilash Jindal (PhD, Purdue University) and Nikhil Balaji (PhD, Chennai Math Institute). Abhilash's research interests are in operating systems, mobile systems, and program analysis. Nikhil's research interests are in automata theory, quantitative verification, and computational complexity.


New faculty member Abhijnan Chakraborty

We welcome our latest faculty member, Abhijnan Chakraborty (PhD, IIT Kharagpur). His research interests fall under the broad theme of Computing and Society, covering the research areas of Social Computing, Information Retrieval and Fairness in Machine Learning.


New faculty Keerti and Venkata

We welcome two new faculty members, Prof. Keerti Choudhary (PhD, IIT Kanpur) and Prof. Venkata Koppula (PhD, UT Austin)! Keerti's research interest includes fault-tolerant algorithms, extremal graph structures, dynamic algorithms, and graph realizability. Venkata is interested in the theoretical aspects of cryptography, with a focus on lattice based crypto, and more recently, quantum cryptography.


New faculty member Vireshwar Kumar

Welcome to our newest faculty member Vireshwar Kumar. Vireshwar's research interests include security and privacy issues in cyber-physical systems, applied cryptography, and adversarial machine learning.


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Research video series

More videos in this series...

Collaboration activities

December 3rd 2020:  Faculty members and students of CSE Department organised and participated in the Indo-Japanese Online Workshop on Security in the IoT Space with Kyushu University:

Faculty awards and achievements

August 2020:  Sayan Ranu selected to be an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences (till December 2023).

Prof. Naveen Garg was elected a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering.   (8.Sep.2020)

The paper "A Language Modeling Approach for Temporal Information Needs" by  Klaus Berberich, Srikanta Bedathur, Omar Alonso and Gerhard Weikum, which appeared in ECIR 2010 has won the 10 year Test of Time Award at the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), 2020. 
Congratulations to Prof. Srikanta Bedathur.

Student awards and achievements

Vinayak Gupta has been awarded the “Best of AIMLSystems - Outstanding Doctoral Work” award at the first International Conference on AI-ML Systems, 2021, for his work “Learning Neural Models for Continuous-Time Sequences”. The award carries a certificate and a cash prize of USD 500, sponsored by the Professor Ram Kumar Memorial Foundation. The announcement is at

The paper "Security Types for Synchronous Data Flow Systems" written by PhD student R. Madhukar Yerraguntla with Profs Sanjiva Prasad and Subodh Sharma was selected as the best paper at MEMOCODE 2020. 

Jatin Batra has been named the winner of the ACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2018-19.  His thesis titled "Dynamic Programming for Scheduling Problems" was completed under the supervision of Prof. Naveen Garg and Prof. Amit Kumar.  The Award will be formally presented at the ACM India Annual Event in Ahmedabad on February 15, 2020.

Editorial boards and Program Chairs

Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda has been appointed the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Embedded Systems Letters (ESL), a journal of the IEEE Council for Electronic Design Automation. IEEE ESL aims at quick dissemination of important research advances in the embedded systems area.

Sanjiva Prasad been appointed Editor-in-Chief of ACM Books.

Department News

25.1.2021:  Abhilash Jindal joins the department as Assistant Professor

25.1.2021: Nikhil Balaji joins the department as Assistant Professor

23.11.2020:   Dr Abhijnan Chakraborty joins as an Assistant Professor.

1.10.2020:  Dr Venkata Koppula joins as an Assistant Professor.

Departmental Activities

Rijurekha Sen's work on Air Pollution Monitoring is in the news.

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