IITD Graphics & Vision Summer School

5 June – 14 July, 2023


We are opening up the initial 10-day lecture period of the summer school, from 5 to 14 June, for more students. This will include lectures on Graphics and Vision by CSE faculty, learning material, small exercises, and introduction to some research problems. There will also be occasion to interact with additional IITD faculty members and students.

The top students of the 10-day workshop may be given the opportunity to join the extended internship, from 15 June to 14 July, which will focus on an assigned research project.

Students who have not already been selected for the summer school but wish to attend the lectures should register their interest by 25 May.


We are excited to host a summer school on computer graphics and computer vision at the CSE Department at IIT Delhi in summer 2023. This school is intended for 3rd and 4th year undergraduates to get a deep dive into the fundamentals of graphics and vision, and get hands-on experience in working on practical projects in these areas.

The format of the school will be as follows:

Important Dates


Boarding and lodging:
Will be provided.
Students will have to plan their own travel.
In-person mode:
The summer school will be in-person only. Students should not apply if they will not be able to participate for the entire duration.

Apply Now

If you wish to be considered for the summer school, please fill in the application form by 21 April.