CSE Department Special Topics and Special Module courses in II Semester 2022-23

COL861 Special Topics on Hardware Systems

Instructor: Prof. Kolin Paul

Topics covered will include active and passive attacks, reverse engineering, counterfeiting, and design of hardware security primitives (e.g., random number generators, physical unclonable functions, crypto-processors). A focus will be on secure processor architectures; we will talk about Intel SGX as well as research processors like Aegis, Ascend, and Sanctum. We will also talk about cryptographic concepts (without formal definitions or proofs), including AES, RSA, Hash, MAC, digital signatures, public key encryption, and ORAM. In the second half of the course, we go into greater detail on supply chain management, hardware Trojans, side channel assaults, physical unclonable functions, TRNG, and several other topics (in particular, we will talk about the power grid and smart cities). Most of topics being taught will be augmented with a number of coding labs.

COL866 Special Topics in Algorithms: Concentration Inequalities and their Applications in Computer Science

Instructor: Prof. Amitabha Bagchi

Course objectives: The purpose of this course is to discuss various inequalities that help bound the probability that a random variable, or sum of random variables, is far from its expected value. We will show how these inequalities are used in various area of computer science like algorithms, networks, and machine learning.

Webpage: https://www.cse.iitd.ac.in/~bagchi/courses/COL866_22-23/

COL870 Special Topics in Machine Learning

Instructor: Prof. Sayan Ranu

In this course, we will study the latest works on Graph Neural Networks with particular focus on Graph Transformers, Equivariant GNNs, Subgraph GNNs, and explainability of GNNs. The reading material will primarily comprise of recent research papers from top conferences such as NeurIPS, KDD, ICLR, etc. Course evaluation will include a course project and paper presentations. The pre-requisite includes a passing grade in Data Mining (COL 761). This pre-requisite may be waived if a student can demonstrate sufficient knowledge of GNNs.

COL872 Special Topics in Cryptography

Instructor: Prof. Venkata Koppula

COV889 Special Module in Concurrency

Instructor: Prof. Subodh Sharma

SIV810 Special Module on Mobile Security

Instructor: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pal

Description: Mobile devices (5.31 billion as on Jan 2022) and apps (2.65 million Android apps on PlayStore) are increasingly being used by people in their personal and professional lives. Around 54% of the total web traffic is generated from mobile devices. It may be difficult to find an organisation which doesn’t have its own app(s). Mobile devices/apps have eased our lives however they pose many security risks.

This course aims to explore Android security model and cybersecurity vulnerabilities / risks associated with mobile apps / devices. Practical hands-on sessions have been planned to teach OWASP top 10 mobile app vulnerabilities. Secure mobile app design principles will equip the participants to safeguard against common pitfalls.

Course Contents:

  1. Android Platform and Android Security Model
  2. Mobile Security Threats and Malware
  3. Mobile Application Security
  4. OWASP Mobile Top Ten Vulnerabilities & its Exploitation
  5. Mobile Device Security
  6. Secure Mobile App Design Principles
  7. Mobile App and Device Security in Enterprise Environment

Evaluation: Assignments and Exams.

SIV851 Special Module in e-Governance

Instructor: Prof. Subhash Bhalla

Digital Governance: Automation of Government Administration: e-democracy, Law in the Digital Age, online courts.
Development Projects: Standaridized Electronic Health Records Databases, Digital agriculture, and Digital Currency.
Infrastructure for large Digital projects: Difference between Bitcoin and other Decentralized Computing Platforms. Blockchain and Information Systems. Blockchain and Stable store. Temper-resistant, Certified and Authenticated Data Course Project.
Contracts: Digital currencies and Decentralized payment Systems, smart contracts and Legal Contracts.
Organizations and Automation: IOT- Blockchain of things.

SIV895: Special Module on Intelligent Information Processing

Instructor: Prof. Ashok Kumar Bhateja

This course will focus on the application of Machine Learning techniques in security.

Syllabus: Intelligent computing – Metaheuristic Algorithms, Learning techniques, Classification methods, Feature Selection and Extraction, Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks, Hidden Markov Model. Emphasis will also be given on use of these techniques in security.

One programming assignment
One research paper reading assignment
Major (No Minor)