CSE Department course offerings in 2021 Holi Semester

Course Title Instructor Slot Cap
COL100 Introduction to Computer Science ragesh B
COL100 Introduction to Computer Science aseth B
COL106 Data Structures & Algorithms mausam J 200
COL106 Data Structures & Algorithms amitk F 200
COL216 Computer Architecture panda B 160
COL226 Programming Languages sak, svs F 160
COP209 Design Practices riju K 160
COL331 Operating Systems kolin E 160
COL633 Operating Systems (Bridge Course) kolin E 20
COL351* Analysis and Design of Algorithms naveen C 60
COL352 Theory of Computation ashishc H 140
COL362 Database Management Systems ramanath D 120
COL632 Database Systems (Bridge Course) ramanath D 20
COL380 Parallel and Distributed Programming soham, svs J 120
COL724 Advanced Computer Networks saran B 50
COL726 Numerical Algorithms narain M 80
COL729 Compiler Optimisation sbansal C 60
COL781 Computer Graphics subodh F 60
COL783 Digital Image Analysis pkalra A 60
COL786 Advanced Functional Brain Imaging rahulgarg AC 60
COL812 System Level Design and Modeling anshul J 60
COL819 Advanced Distributed Systems srsarangi E 60
COL832 Proofs and Types sanjiva F 60
COL861 Special Topics in Hardware Systems mbala A 40
COL863 Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science bagchi AB 40 Mathematics of Data Science
COL864 Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence rohan AD 40 Planning and Estimation for Autonomous Systems
COL865 Special Topics in Computer Applications abhijnan AC 40 Social Computing
COL866 Special Topics in Algorithms keertic AA 40 Compact Graph Data Structures
COL868 Special Topics in Database Systems sayan AD 40 Graph Neural Networks
COL870 Special Topics in Machine Learning parags C 40 Deep Learning
COL872 Special Topics in Cryptography kvenkata AC 40 Lattices in Cryptography
COL873 Special Topics in Natural Language Processing srikanta AA 40 Advanced Information Retrieval
COV878 Special Module in Machine Learning sanjiva X 30 Gautam Shroff: Meta-Learning
COV882 Special Module in Software Systems sanjiva X 30 Karthik Bhargavan: Software Security Verification
COV885 Special Module in Computer Applications mbala X 30 Volker Sorge: Creating Accessible Documents for Visually Impaired
COV888 Special Module in Database Systems bhalla X 30 Web Data Management
COR310 Professional Practices (CS) sbansal P 30
COS310 Independent Study (CS) sbansal P 30
COD300 Design Practice sbansal P 30
COD310 Mini Project sbansal P 30
COD492 B.Tech Project Part I chetan P 120
COD499 B.Tech Project Part II chetan P 120
COS799 Independent Study (MT) srsarangi P 30
COD891 Minor Project (MT) srsarangi P 60
COD892 Major Project Part 1 (MT) srsarangi P 120
COD893 Major Project Part 2 (MT) srsarangi P 120
SIL765 Networks and Systems Security viresh F 60
SIL801 Special Topics in Multimedia Systems chetan B 60 Adv Vision
SIL775 Biometric Security bhateja D 60