Semester table: Semester II 2021-2022

SlotCourseCourse nameCourse pageCoordinatorNo. of studentsLecture roomLinked toOther faculty
*COL100(CSL100)Introduction to Computer Science TBA   
*COL106(CSL201)Data Structures TBA   
X*COL202(CSL105)Discrete Mathematical Structures TBA    
*COL216(CSL211)Computer Architecture TBA   
*COL226(CSL302)Programming Languages TBA   
*COL331(CSL373)Operating Systems  TBA   
X*COL351(CSL356)Analysis and Design of Algorithms TBA    
*COL352(CSL352)Introduction to Automata & Theory of Computation TBA   
*COL362(CSL332)Introduction to Database Management Systems TBA   
*COL380Introduction to Parallel & Distributed Programming TBA   
*COL726(CSL361)Numerical Algorithms  TBA   
*COP290(CSP301)Design Practices in Computer Science TBA   
*COP701(CSP701)MTech Software Lab TBA   
COL705(CSL705)Theory of Computation and Complexity TBA   
COL720Real Time Systems TBA   
COL722Introduction to Compressed Sensing TBA   
COL724(CSL858(CSL724))Advanced Computer Networks TBA   
COL728(CSL728)Compiler Design TBA   
COL729Compiler Optimisation TBA   
COL732(CSL732)Virtualization And Cloud Computing TBA   
COL733Cloud Computing Technology Fundamentals TBA   
COL740(CSL740)Software Engineering TBA   
COL750(CSL750)Foundations of Automatic Verification TBA   
COL751(CSL851)Algorithmic Graph Theory TBA   
COL752(CSL852)Geometric Algorithms TBA   
COL756(CSL856)Mathematical Programming TBA   
COL757Model Centric Algorithm Design TBA   
COL758(CSL758)Advanced Algorithms TBA   
COL760Advanced Data Management TBA   
COL762(CSL771)Database Implementation TBA   
COL768(CSL838)Wireless Networks TBA   
COL770Advanced Artificial Intelligence  TBA   
COL776Learning Probabilistic Graphical Models TBA   
COL781(CSL781)Computer Graphics TBA   
COL783(CSL783)Digital Image Analysis TBA   
COL786Advanced Functional Brain Imaging TBA   
COL812(CSL812)System Level Design and Modelling TBA   
COL818(CSL818)Principles Of Multiprocessor Systems TBA   
COL819Advanced Distributed Systems TBA   
COL821(CSL821)Reconfigurable Computing TBA   
COL830(CSL830)Distributed Computing TBA   
COL831(CSL831)Semantics of Programming Languages TBA   
COL832(CSL832)Proofs and Types TBA   
COL851Special Topics in Operating Systems TBA   
COL852Special Topics in Compiler Design TBA   
COL860(CSL860)Special Topics in Parallel Computation TBA   
COL861(CSL861)Special Topics in Hardware Systems TBA   
COL862(CSL862)Special Topics in Software Systems TBA   
COL863(CSL863)Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science TBA   
COL864(CSL864)Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence TBA   
COL865(CSL865)Special Topics in Computer Applications TBA   
COL866(CSL866)Special Topics in Algorithms TBA   
COL867(CSL867)Special Topics in High Speed Networks TBA   
COL868(CSL868)Special Topics in Database Systems TBA   
COL869(CSL869)Special Topics in Concurrency TBA   
COL870Special Topics in Machine Learning TBA   
COL871(CSL828)Special Topics in Programming Languages and Compilers TBA   
COL872Special Topics in Cryptography TBA   
COL873Special Topics in Natural Language Processing TBA   
COL874Special Topics in Compilers and Language Implementation TBA   
COL886Special Topics in Operating Systems 2 TBA   
COP315(CSP315)Embedded System Design Laboratory TBA   
COP745(CSP745)Digital System Design Laboratory TBA   
COP820Processor Design Lab TBA   
COR310(CSR310)Professional Practices (CS) TBA   
COS310(CSS310)Independent Study (CS) TBA   
COS799(CSS799)Independent Study (MT) TBA   
COV877(CSV877)Special Module on Visual Computing  TBA   
COV878(CSV878)Special Module in Machine Learning TBA   
COV879(CSV879)Special Module In Financial Algorithms TBA   
COV880(CSV880)Special Module in Parallel Computation TBA   
COV881(CSV881)Special Module in Hardware Systems TBA   
COV882(CSV882)Special Module in Software Systems TBA   
COV883(CSV883)Special Module in Theoretical Computer Science TBA   
COV884(CSV884)Special Module in Artificial Intelligence TBA   
COV885(CSV885)Special Module in Computer Applications TBA   
COV886(CSV886)Special Module in Algorithms TBA   
COV887(CSV887)Special Module in High Speed Networks TBA   
COV888(CSV888)Special Module in Database Systems  TBA   
COV889(CSV889)Special Module in Concurrency TBA   
SIL761Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies for Development TBA   
SIL763Introduction to Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contracts TBA   
SIL765Network & System Security TBA   
SIL769Internet Traffic - Measurement, Modeling and Analysis TBA   
SIL775Biometric Security TBA   
SIL801Special Topics in Multimedia Systems TBA   
SIL802Special Topics in Web Based Computing TBA   
SIL861Special Topics in ICTD TBA   
SIV810Special Module in Cyber Security TBA   
SIV813Applications of Computers in Medicines TBA   
SIV851Special Module on eGovernance TBA   
SIV861Info and Comm Tech for Development TBA   
SIV864Special Module on Media Processing and Communication TBA   
SIV871Special Module in Computational Neuroscience TBA   
SIV895Special Module on Intelligent Information Processing TBA