Events Timeline



August 1st Week

A brief introduction on important aspects of CS like WebD, PS, GCL accounts, Linux, Video Editing etc.

3rd-4th year Interaction

August 1st Week

Introduction of the new students to Coding Club, IIT Delhi and the various competitions organized at various levels...

Freshers' Party

Sept. 1st Week
The welcome party for Computer Science Freshers ... Lots of fun and entertainment ... Introduction to the senior students of the department..

Treasure hunt

August 2nd Week

Lots of mind numbing clues were spread over the Bharti Building and exciting prizes for the fastest to get to the treasure.

2nd-3rd Year Interaction

October 1st Week

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October 8-13

The name says it all! Get a chance to win exciting cash prizes and score some free food, all while playing your favorite game. It doesn't get better than this.

Next Sem


Be ready for much more fun coming along the way ... With the starting of next semester we'll be organizing Gaming events ..


Next Sem

We start the second semester with some cross-departmental sports like Cricket, Table-Tennis, ..