Ph. D programme in CSE

The doctoral programme in Computer Science and Engineering offers students the possibility of doing intensive research in an area of their choice. We have about 30 students in this programme and it has been our constant endeavour to provide the best facilities and working environment to our research students.

· All students receive an Institute fellowship starting at Rs 18,000 per month for the first two years, followed by a revision to Rs. 20,000. An additional top-up of Rs. 10,000 per month is also possible based on merit. The institute and industry fellowships also provide money for books, domestic travel, conference registration etc. The Department makes all possible effort to support the travel of students to international conferences.

· Each research student is provided a cubicle with his/her desktop PC in an air-conditioned office. Research students have unrestricted access to all laboratories in the department.

· Flexible leave rules permit students to collaborate on research with people both within and outside the country. It is very common, and regularly encouraged, for students to spend part or all of the summer, working with other research groups in India and abroad.

· Our students regularly publish in leading international conferences and reputed journals. They have also won top honors at IRISS (Inter Research Institute Student Seminar) which is a forum for student researchers in India to present and discuss their work. Click here for some highlights.

· Almost all our students get multiple offers from the industry and academia well before they graduate.

All students are provided accommodation on campus. Married students are provided an apartment while unmarried students get hostel accommodation. Students and their dependents also have free access to the medical and sporting facilities on campus.