Robot Path Planning
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Robot Motion Planning and Applications
SIV 889 (Sem II, 2017-2018) and a GIAN sponsored course

Jan 3-8, 230-530pm, Room IIA-301


Dinesh Manocha <University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA>
Subodh Kumar <subodh@cse.*>

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Course Information

This course is running as a part of the GIAN scheme. GIAN and CEP participants should register here.


Jan 3, 230-530pm: (slides)
Introduction (1 hour),
Configuration spaces (1 hour)
Path Planning for point robots (1 hour)
Jan 4, 230-530pm: (slides)(Exercise) and Obstacle files)
Exact Motion Planning (1 hour)
Collision and Proximity Queries (2 hour)
Jan 5, 230-530pm:(slides)
Sample-Based Planning (1.5 hour)
Optimization-Based Planning (1 hour)
Applications to Human-Robot Interaction (0.5 hour)
Jan 6, 230-530pm:(slides 1, slides 2)
Multi-Agent Planning and Global Navigation (1 hour)
Local Navigation (1 hour)
Applications to Crowd Simulation and Autonomous Driving (1 hour)
Jan 8, 230-530pm: (slides)
Autonomous Driving (2 hours)
Hands-on Robot demonstrations and Lab exercises

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