CSP301: Design Practices in Computer Science
Computer Science & Engineering Dept


Course Coordinator


* All email addresses are @cse.iitd.ac.in. Login names are in parantheses.


This is an introductory course to initiate undergrad students into working on large projects and get familiar with common tools. You will learn make/cmake, latex, doxygen, OpenGL, valgrind, git version control, flex, and perl. The language you will use is C++. You will write portable code that should run on linux, macos and windows.

Your TA will be your client and you must produce your product(s) to your client's specifications and satisfaction.'

You may use the Eclipse IDE for development. Download, install, and learn. Use git as your code repository. Add your TA and instructor to your SVN repository as well. Remember to code your project well, document it, and maintain a how-to wiki on SVN -- you will be evaluated on these aspects.


You will follow these coding guidelines and these use Doxygen for documentation.

Grading Criteria