Elegy Written in an Educational Graveyard


           Myriad Are the GATEways to Ignorance

By SAK (the coordinator's call for GATE corrections)

                   'Tis the season of GATE
                  A recurrent theme of late
              There's coke and chips all around
         And departmental activity runs aground.

                       A titanic task ahead
         At the end of which we'll be mostly dead
           A Battle Black and Blue against Red
       You'll have to work it all out in your head.

                Everybody who something knows
                 Puts his glasses to his nose
              Dean and Head, Prof and Ass Prof.
              Grades till his eyebrows wear off.

               Let everyone come well prepared
                   And let no one be spared
                It's a judgement on education
              Unfortunately it's your vocation.