research in the srishti group

We are broadly interested in the hardware and software aspects of multicore processors and systems. Our research spans right from devices and circuits to architectures to operating systems and virtual machines for large parallel/distributed systems to parallel software. We work with a lot of colleagues in both the electrical engineering and computer science departments.

We have published 70+ papers in very prestigious international conferences and journals. The group has also graduated 30+ M.Tech students. Currently, 8 students are pursuing their Ph.D degrees. We got a best paper award in the Security and Privacy symposium. Along with our research accomplishments, we have released several open source software that are being used in many universities worldwide for both teaching and research by hundreds of users.

The projects page lists the current list of research projects that are underway. We have a set of project openings listed here. Interested M.Tech and B.Tech students with an outstanding academic record can send me their resumes. We are perennially in search of smart students who can come and work with us. Please contact Prof. Sarangi, if you are interested in working in the SRISHTI group in any capacity. Students who want to pursue a MS/Ph.D in the future, but are not currently sure can spend some time working with the group and try getting a feel for research.
There are also openings for post doctoral students, and students with an MA in English who would like to gain some experience in copy-editing research papers.