IIT Delhi, CSE,  M.Tech Shortlisting and Selection

Date: 10th of June 2020

Modification 1: 10/6/20. All the application numbers are in the same format. They have the same number of digits.
Modification 2: 13/6/20. Final list of shortlisted applications uploaded.

1. The approved shortlisting criteria is posted at this link. Note that the department has the liberty to define shortlisting criteria over and above
     the minimum requirements of the institute. We will thus not entertain any communication in this regard. For regular full time candidates we need a
     CSE GATE score and a Bachelors degree in CSE, EE, or Maths.

2. We have selected the following candidates who have a B.Tech degree from an IIT. They do not need a GATE score. Note that the list is tentative (subject to verification
    by our PG section).

S. No.
Anish M. M.
Ashutosh Agarwal
Saurabh Inge
Swati Gupta
Yeshwanth Kanekal

3. For the rest of the candidates, we have put up the list of shortlisted candidates at this link.
    a. The list of full time candidates is sorted by the GATE score. Their selection will be via the GATE score only.
    b. The selected IIT students are listed in the second tab.
    c. The third tab contains the list of part time and sponsored candidates. We will schedule their interviews sometime in July.
    d. This list is tentative. It is possible that some of the data that the students have supplied is incorrect. Before issuing an offer letter
        our PG section will thoroughly verify all this data. If an applicant is found to have supplied wrong data or is otherwise not eligible, then
        he/she will not be offered a seat.

4. The tentative seat strength is as follows: 24 (GEN), 9 (SC), 4 (ST), 16 (OBC), 6 (EWS). The seat allocation will be done as per GoI rules.

If you feel that there is any discrepancy in the data, kindly send an e-mail by the 12th of June, 5 PM to:

Prof. S. R. Sarangi (M.Tech coordinator)