Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi

MS(R) Interviews, December 2017

List of shortlisted candidates: link

Co-ordinator and Staff:
M.Tech Co-ordinator: Dr. S. R. Sarangi. E-mail:
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Rekha Rathee. E-mail:
(Please ensure that Ms. Rekha is CCed on all mails sent to the M.Tech co-ordinator)
(Additionally, no such frivolous e-mails will be entertained, where a question is asked that is directly and unambiguously
answered on this webpage.)
Shortlisting Criteria: link
IIT graduates with a CGPA >= 8.0 have been shortlisted in the full time program, even if they
do not satisfy the GATE cutoff (see the information brochure).

Please note that the department reserves the right to terminate the application process of
any candidate who has been erroneously shortlisted, or has provided incorrect information.
Also, at a later point of time the department can invite candidates who should have been shortlisted,
but for some reason their name does not appear in the list of shortlisted candidates.
If a candidate believes that she should have been shortlisted as per our shortlisted criteria
and her name does not appear in this list, then please let us know immediately. Our only
request is that prior to sending an e-mail please go over the shortlisting criteria several times.

All the candidates should receive an e-mail from an authorized person at IIT Delhi
before the 1st of December. The e-mail will serve the purpose of a formal invitation letter for the interview
and will contain a link to this website. If you do not get the e-mail, please let the M.Tech co-ordinator
know immediately.

Candiates Invited for the Interview:  For the the remaining candidates we will conduct
interviews on the 4th and 5th of December, 2017. Please note the following points:

Day of the Interview:

  1.  Report to the CSE Department, Bharti Building, IIT Delhi, at 9:30 AM. Please proceed to the CSE Office on the third floor.
  2. You need to bring the following documents:
    1. Your original degree certificates and all your marksheets.
    2. GATE scorecard (full time, non-sponsored candidates only)
    3. Original IIT degree or IIT id-card (for IIT graduates with a CGPA >= 8.0)
    4. Sponsorship/No-objection certificate from employer (sponsored/part time candidates only)
    5. OBC certificate and non-creamy layer certificate (OBC candidates only)
    6. SC/ST/PH certificate (SC/ST/PH candidates only)
  3. The interview is subject to the production of these certificates. You are also required to submit one set
    of self attested copies of all the relevant documents at the time of the interview.

Format of the Interview:

For non-sponsored full time candidates, the GATE score will have 70% weightage, and the interview will have 30% weightage.
The interview committee will typically have at least 2-3 faculty members from the computer science department.
They will ask you questions primarily in these 4 areas: basic mathematics (probability, transcendental functions),
basic computer science (data structures, binary numbers,...), data structures/algorithms, and computer systems
(OS + programming languages + architecture). Optionally, they might ask you questions from your area of choice
such as DBMS or Networks. You can leave after your interview. The results will be put up on our website at a later

Note that the interview is a very technical exercise. You will be asked to solve challenging problems in the
4 aforementioned areas. Please come with adequate preparation. A good idea would be to go over all the material
taught in the first 2-3 years of a typical undergraduate course. You can also look at resources on the web for
sample questions and tutorials.

Hostel Information:

As per the notice received from the Student Affairs Section, candidates coming for Test / Interview
for admission to the various programs in the Institute will be provided accommodation in the Hostels
on sharing basis on payment of
Rs. 230/‐ per day (lodging & boarding) as detailed below.  The bedding
is not provided and the candidates have to make their own arrangement for bedding. The Payment  shall be
made by the way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of:

Deans Discretionary Fund, IIT Delhi, Shivalik Hostel”    FOR BOYS
Deans Discretionary Fund, IIT Delhi, Kailash Hostel”    FOR GIRLS

For More enquires: please talk directly to the caretaker of the hostel.

For Boys: Shivalik Hostel, Care taker Phone no:- 011-26596946
For Girls: Kailash Hostel, Care taker Phone no:- 011-26596839

Please note that you will be provided hostel accommodation for the night before the interview, and the night of the interview.