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The PhD storybook

[The PhD storybook] is an ongoing effort to compile PhD stories in the area of computer systems and networks. I started this as the graduate forum chair in Comsnets 2014 conference, and will be happy to keep adding to this collection. The goal is to provide examples to current PhD students, especially in India, who do not have many senior PhD students or post-docs to work with and learn from. I have felt this lack of seniors problem in my own PhD at IIT Bombay, and this is a small effort towards alleviating that problem. So if you want to tell your PhD story in computer systems - how you gradually picked and solved problems over the span of your PhD, whether you did internships and in what way that helped or deterred your work, the relationship with your advisor, or anything else you might think will be valuable for a junior PhD student to know, feel free to write in any formal or informal way and send an email to me.

Women in mobile systems

[Systems women] is an effort to compile a list of women who work in the research area of mobile and embedded systems. I started this as co-chair of the first Women's Workshop in Mobisys 2016. I gathered the data from ACM portal and the visualization was created by my co-chair and good friend Kasthuri Jayarajah. In my school, 30% of the students in my class (science stream) were girls. This dropped to 15% girls in Computer Science undergrad and 10% in Masters. I lost more female friends in PhD and post-doc. To connect to more women who kept moving to the next level and are either PhD student/post-doc/faculty member/industrial researcher, I created this list. Their persistence gives me strength to deal with two-body problem and handling societal pressure about family planning and similar issues. I hope that other junior researchers like me will benefit from such a list, or create similar datasets for their own field of research.