COL865: Physics-Based Animation
Final project

The final part of the course is an open-ended project where you will implement some sophisticated simulation algorithm(s) of your choice, perhaps by adding to one of the assignments you have done so far, or by implementing something else that we have discussed in the course. Try to choose a project that will be about 50% more work than one of the course assignments. You will be graded on both your validation of technical correctness and on the visual quality of your results.

Project proposal

Write a short summary of your intended project and the steps you will take to complete it. Aim for about 1 page in ACM proceedings (sigconf) format. Your proposal must include the following sections:

The proposal should be submitted on Moodle by Friday, 12 October.

Final submission

Final results of the project will be due at the end of majors. You will be expected to submit videos of your results, code, and a report showing the results of validation tests. The validation tests you include in your final report may be different from the ones in your proposal, as long as you can justify in your report why this is so.