Hi, I'm Sidharth Mittal, pursuing at IIT Delhi and currently in my second year. I'm currently working on ASL (Application Specification Language) and code generation. My inspiration is my teacher and I'm thankful to him for him being there to guide me.
Apart from academics my interests include swimming, playing squash, basketball, cooking, collecting paper money and coins.

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Courses done at IIT

First Semester
Advanced data structures (CSL 630) Computer Graphics (CSL 781) Cloud computing and Virtualization (CSL 732) Software systems laboratory (CSP 701)

Second Semester
Introduction to functional and logic programming Wireless Networking Database Implementations Minor Project Food Safety

Third Semester
Major Project (1) Synthesis and Design of Digital systems Business Intelligence

Fourth Semester
Major Project (2) Software Engineering

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  • Distributed Hash Table: CHORD Network (July, 2014 - Dec, 2014) : Implemented peer-to-peer distributed hash table network using our own thread library, in a team of 2.
  • Strategy Game (July, 2014 - Dec, 2014) : Developed a strategy game in a team of 2, similar to a popular strategy game DOTA using C and OpenGL. Game consisted of two teams having two heroes and one temple each.
  • Endless running game (July, 2014 - Dec, 2014) : Inspired by the idea of endless running games, developed a game using OpenGl, where a sledge rider goes through an endless ice world,collecting gold coins on the way and simulataneously dodging collisions with snowmans.
  • Wi-Fi based Indoor Localization (Jan, 2015 - May, 2015) : Wi-Fi based localization at Bharti building using Python. K-star algorithm was used for classification.
  • ARM V8 Simulator (July, 2014 - Dec, 2014) : Developed ARMv8 simulator and a debugger using C and elfio library in a team of 2.

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About Me

I'm a lazy engineer.

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Contact Information


NA-7, Zanskar Hostel,
IIT- Delhi, Hauz Khas, 110016

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