I am an enthusiastic programmer and a dedicated computer science researcher. My main interests are Operating Systems, Computer Networks and System Programming and my current field of interest and work is Software Defined Networks. I love to code in my free time, other than these I love to travel and visit places, I am also an avid Gamer. I love to play Fifa and Dota 2. I am also a movie and TV shows lover and a Foodie.


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Master of Technology

I was selected for Masters (Computer Science & Engineering) programme at IIT Delhi in 2013 based on my GATE 2013 performance and I finished my Masters in June 2015.


Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg

Bachelor of Engineering

I completed my Bachelors (Computer Science & Engineering) in 2013 with honours from one of the best institutes in Chhattisgarh.


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Advanced Data Structures

Resource Management In Computer Systems

Architecture of Large Systems

Synthesis Of Digital Systems

Advanced Computer Networks

Introduction To Logic And Functional Programming

Software Systems Laboratory

Special Module in Parallel Computation

Virtualization and Cloud Computing


These are some of my important works. For further details about the projects, paper and source code, feel free to contact me. I few more ideas for projects in SDN if you are interested in networks and SDN is your cup of tea then do not hesitate and drop a mail.


Control Plane only Scalable Efficient Lightweight Software Defined Networks Debugger

Newer network architecture are getting defined day by day. One of the most promising looks SDN(Software Defined Networks). It provides a complete decoupling of data plane from the control plane. Now, the control plane is solely dependent on software in contrast to firmware in traditional networks. Now, any software may have bug in it, so could SDN. These programs may have bug in themselves, but they also provide a clearer view of networks with control plane abstraction that can be utilized to provide a rebirth to network troubleshooting. There are other works that just started discussion to such a field,from where we derive our work. We basically tried to make debugging more efficient than proposed work and thus offering scalabilty with a negligible trade off toward completeness. From decades, network troubleshooters are having hard time whenever a network fails. Possibly, our work can serve diminish their nightmare of network debugging and make it a naive's job.


OpenVirteX virtual Software Defined Networks Migrator and Debugger

Cloud Computing is where the world today is headed. Cloud Computing simply means providing computing resources as service over the network. Cloud Computing is solely based on virtualization, every computing feature except for networks is properly virtualized including disks, processing units, rams but network virtualization needs a bit more innovation. One such innovation is OpenVirteX (OVX) and it uses the power of SDN to allow users to build multiple Virtual SDNs over a single physical SDN infrastructure. Cloud Service providers use virtual machine migration frequently, so our work is to devise methods to efficiently keep the virtual SDNs in sync with the migration without affecting the operation of the Network. Also, for making troubleshooting of the network easier we are trying to implement the ideas from CoSEL (Control Plane only Scalable Light weight SDN Debugger) into OVX in a hope that this would make the life of network administrator easier.