Amit Kumar Saha

M.Tech Student
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
IIT Delhi


Title:   Compiler Optimizaions of Phase Change Memory                              Jun'2014 - present
M.Tech Final Year Project
Brief: PCM is a non-volatile memory being investigated as an alternative to DRAM technology. We explore the PCM aware Scratch Pad Memory ( an on-chip memory) allocation strategy. For PCM, Read and Write acceses costs have large variation; while for DRAM they are almost equal. The memory allocation decision thus change, if we have DRAM replaced by PCM in the memory hierarchy.

Title:   Data Mapping for Hybrid PRAM and DRAM Main Memories    Sep'2013 - Nov'2013
Course Project:  CSL728-Advance Compiler Design
Brief: Data mapping is a technique of allocating variables to hybrid main memory organization (PCM + DRAM).we propose a data mapping scheme which leverages the low power memory accesses to PCM while taking into account the performance degradation due to high latency writes to PCM and limited endurance of PCM memory.

Title:   Developed tool to create Flow chart of any given C-Programs       Jul'2013 - Aug'2013
Course Project: CSP701-System software Lab
Brief: Implemented a tool to generate flowchart of a ANSI C program using Lex and Yacc to parse the C-program and checking syntax errors and to generate HTML pages in svg format.

Title:  Impemented User programs of Pintos Operating System               Jan'2014 - Feb'2014
Course Project:  CSL633-Resource Management course

Title:   Impemented Virtual Memory of Pintos Operating System           Mar'2014 - Apr'2014
Course Project:  CSL633-Resource Management course

Title: Traffic Grooming in WDM Optical Network                                           Jun'11 - May'12
B.Tech Final Year Project
Brief:  Proposed one technique to minimising with load balanced routing and reducing the number of traffic blocked in any Wavelength Divising Multiplexing(WDM) Optical Networks.

Title: Impemented Compiler & Assembler of C language using Lex & Yacc(Jun'11 - Dec'11)
Brief:  Implemented a compiler for ANSI C Programs to generating assembly code of given c-program and also checks semantic and syntax errors.Implemented on assembler to convert that assembly code into machine languge