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Events in Life

         When?                  What?                     Special thanks for Niranjan for compilation.
Apr 27,2014Went to Murthal, Haryana. Ate mouthwatering paranthas with lots of makhan. With anju, avval, komal and niranjan.
Mar 09,2014It's bDay time. Enjoyed a lot with B.Tech. friends. Thanks Sakshi for nice party.
Mar 03,2014After a long time gone to a Wedding and that was a real fat indian wedding.
Feb 06,2013Isse kahte hain katna! "C/C++ courses will not count towards your credits needed for MTech."
Feb 02,2013Manish sir, aap ladki dekhne akele kyun chale gaye!!!
Feb 02,2013Nashaa Lounge & Bar, had a wonderful time with friends. Danced and ate for 5 hours continously. :D
Jan 29,2014Sets up first GIT repository! Link.
Jan 26,2014Day when Show Stopper (Air Show) changed our feeling about Republic Day Parade.
Jan 17,2014Leather Jacket, 2 pair of shoes. I have never done that much shopping in one day.
Dec 30,2013thats how we celebrate "the trio" - with Setu Gupta and Tushar Gupta at Panki Power Station, Kanpur
Dec 07, 2013Small gathering at SAC to celebrate hactic placement
Dec 03, 2013Feeling placed again, with my buiddy Prashant.
Dec 02, 2013Next winters in Samsung R&D, Bangalore. Gets placed.
Nov 01, 2013Last GPL. Hopefully it would be last!
Sept 08,2013Participated in Delhi's first ever back-a-thon organized by MAD. With Komal, Anju, Nitish and Prashant.
Sept 07,2013Won goodies in Microsoft pre-placement talk.
Aug 12,2013Freshers to MCS13. Oh! ye, I managed things really well.
Aug 11,2013Won Yahoo Hack U! iMake it my ways for iPad Mini. With Madhulika, Deekhsha and Sudhanshu.
July 25,2013New Room! New Journey. More space - NA-05 with Vineet.
Jun 29,2013One more laptop bag. American Touristerthis time.
Jun 29,2013Won Yahoo Summer School Day 4 contest. Learnt about lady luck. :D
Jun 23,2013Banglore Visit. Yahoo Summer School days started. Turning point of my M.Tech. Life!
May 25,2013My first Android Phone. Canvas 2 it is.
May 20,2013May I looks like a 9 pointer in IITD. Holy shit!!!
May 12,2013MCS11 Farewell. A day with alot of fun.
Mar 31, 2013Wah Taj! Fatehpur - Taj Mahal Oneday Trip. We would surely remember deepak sleeping style.
Dec 03,2012First successful stipend defence! 8.4/10
Oct 10, 2012First NightOut! India Gate + SCOOPS + Block-II + WindT.
Aug 26,2012Lotus Temple and ISKON temple visit..
July 19,2012First day at IIT Delhi. Feeling different.
July 4,2012Left my job
June 21,2012Lenovo Z580 it is. My salary. My laptop. Investment for bright future.