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Nitish Varshney

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Semester I

  • CSP701 Software System Laboratory
  • CSL630 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSL765 Introduction to Logic and Functional Programming
  • CSL771 Database Implementations

Semester II

  • CSD745 Minor Project
  • CSL868 Special Topics in Database System
  • CSS799 Independent Study on "Outlier Mining"
  • CSL860 Special Topics in Parallel Computation
  • CSD745 Minor Project
  • MAP706 Scientific Software Lab

Semester III

  • CSD893 Major Project Part - I
  • CSL865 Special Topics in Computer Application - "Machine Learning"
  • CSD893 Major Project Part - I
  • CSV888 Special Module in DB system
  • MAL782 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Semester IV