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Hello, This is page contains Sayantan's Course and Project Details.

The courses, he has credited/sit-through @ IIT Delhi, are as follows (in reverse chronological order):

Semester II, 2013-14
* Major Project, Pat 2
* CSV880 - Special Topics in Parallel High Performance Computing
Semester I, 2013-14
* Major Project, Part 1
* CSL740 - Software Engineering Principles
* CSV888 - Special topics in Database Systems and Web
Semester II, 2012-13
* CSL857 - Randomized Algorithms by Prof Amitabha Bagchi
* CSL705 - Advanced theory of Computation by Prof Sandeep Sen
* CSL671 - Artificial Intelligence by Prof Saroj Kaushik
* MAP706 - Scientific Software Laboratory
* CSD745 - Minor Project
Semester I,2012-13
* CSL630- Advanced DataStructures and Algorithms by Prof Sandeep Sen
* CSL765- Introduction to Logic and functional Programming by Prof Sanjiva Prasad
* CSL719- Synthesis of Digital Systems by Prof Anshul Kumar
* CSP701- Software Systems Laboratory by Prof Kolin Paul