COL788: Embedded Computing

Lab Assignment – 3

Milestones and due dates:

Initial design document – 18th Oct., 2016

Intermediate submission (coding complete, debug/verification pending) – 1st Nov., 2016

Final submission (as per submission instructions below) – 8th Nov., 2016.


  1. Use microphone as provided in the grove kit.

  2. Connect a monitor to the board using HDMI port.

  3. Write an LKM to read data from the sensor and display it on the monitor. You can display the raw data as well as processed data (apply some filtering, etc.) and disply the variations with time.

  4. The system should work in real-time. Measure the worst case latency from a change in sensor value to the display on the monitor.

We will not provide step-by-step instructions unlike earlier assignment since we assume you have developed the expertise to mine finer details yourself. Moreover, we don't want to limit your thinking process.

Submission Instructions:

  1. Create a zip file with your source code and design document.

  2. Write a design document describing your module design, functions implemented, etc. The design document should also contain the details of how you will be testing your implementation.

  3. In the document, highlight the important issues encountered during the implementation and your approach to solving them.