1. Developed a Who wants to be a Millionaire? game
    -15 levels of questions to advance through
    -Randomly selects a question out of 10 contained questions for that level

2. Implemented Quine-McCluskey algorithm to generate Prime Implicants for a function
    -Takes input from a text file and generates the output to a text file
    -Generates minimal cover of implicants to cover the function

3. Developed Step Counter as a part of course of Mechanical Department
    -Counts number of steps you have taken while walking, jogging or climbing stairs
    -Displays the count on a digital screen
    -YouTube Link :

4. Implemented a Company Hierarchy
    -Used AVL Tree to store data for employees
    -Clean and Easy Interface for giving commands

5. Implemented Morse Code Encoder
    -Displays encoded characters as output on LED
    -Counter Circuit was implemented to match the frequency of FPGA board

6. Developed a File Compressor
    -Implemented LWZ compression algorithm
    -Used Quadratic Probing to resolve collisions