Software Engineering Intern

CEG, BangaloreMAY 2015 - JULY 2015

– Developed a automatic HTML form and Database generator tool from scratch using js,mysql for easy scale up of applications.
– Extensive Form Validation techniques were implemented to handle attacks.
– Several applications were created using above tool and deployed in Karnataka State Database center as a proof of concept.
– Separate Web application for managing unidentified bodies at Bangalore Medical College (BMC) had been developed.

Research Intern

Human Body Finite Element Modeling MAY 2014 - JULY 2014

under Prof.Anoop Chawla

– Studied computational geometry algorithms like Delaunay Triangulation,convexhull,Voronoi algorithms,
– Developed a plugin in C++ using CGAL library to SOFA (Simulation Open Framework Architecture).
– Utilized boost libraries for fast computations and Parsing and converting to different file formats.
– Plugin helps in meshing and visualization of the flesh region between skin and bone region using geometrical algorthims.