Independent Study

  1. Locating WiFi Blind Spots
    • Working under guidance of Prof. Vinay Rebeiro on devising a method to locate blind spots in a WiFi Network.
    • We plan to create an android application and use crowdsourcing to get data about the positions of spots having weak signal strengths.
    • As of now I have come up with a basic strategy to locate the blind spots by only using the WiFi signal strength variations and have achieved a significant results(about 9/12 correct predictions) on small scale.
    • Now I am planning to increase the scope of this to a larger scale while also improving the technique.

Summer Intern

  1. Microsoft India Development Center
    • I worked as a Software Developer intern in the Azure Site Recovery Services team at Microsoft India Development Center from May 2014 to July 2014.
    • I was involved in upgrading Azure Site Recovery Services to support new scenarios.

Summer Project

  1. IITD Network Upgradation
    • Worked under Prof. Subhashish Banerjee at IIT Delhi along with Network engineers from companies like Velocis and HCL.
    • Assisted the network engineers in the up-gradation of IITD campus network backbone from 1G links to 10G links along with of setting up of new layer 3 switches at each of the distribution sites.
    • Worked on devising a new IP scheme for the entire network and configuring the new switches(Cisco 4507, 2960 and Nexus 5) to layer 3 from layer 2 installed at different sites.

Major Course Projects

  1. Snakes Game
    • The famous game of Snake was implemented on a VGA screen with the help of a FPGA board by coding in VHDL and verilog under the guidance of Prof. M Balakrishnan.
    • This project was presented at the Open house 2013 held in May-2013 at IIT Delhi itself, one of the only five teams to do so.
  2. Social Network Visualization
    • This project was about Big-Data visualisation done under guidance of Prof. Aaditeshwar Seth.
    • A huge dummy data containing details of the communication of people over different periods of time was visualized using a web portal developed by us.
    • The Visualisation was further studied in detail to discover some trends and extract meaningfull information out of this.
  3. Prolog Interpreter (March 2013)
    • A prolog interpreter was developed under the guidance of Prof. Sanjiva Prasad in Ocaml.
    • This was implemented using a stack machine to complete evaluation of each statement.
  4. ARM Architecture (April 2013)
    • Wrote ARM Assembly code to implement floating point arithmetic in accordance with the IEEE 754 format under the guidance of Prof. Smruti Ranjan Sarangi
    • Wrote an architecture Simulator in JAVA that simulates the branch predictor, inorder pipeline and the cache.
  5. Routing Protocols Simulation and Analysis (Oct, 2013)
    • This project was about implementing and understanding various routing protocols like the Link State routing protocol and the Distance vector routing protocols under the guidance of Prof. Huzur Saran
    • A python based network simulator was given in which we had to implement Learning switch router, Rip Router (router with RIP2 like protocol) and a Link State router (router using link state algorithm).
    • Techniques like Poisson reverse and Split Horizon were also implented.
  6. 3D Racing Game (Nov, 2013)
    • Developed a single player 3D car racing game in OpenGL using Bullet Physics library under the guidance of Prof. Subodh Kumar
    • The terrain was loaded from a bitmap heightmap which also consisted of obstacles like trees, ramps etc. loaded using an object file created in Blender. Barrciades on both sides of the road were with the help of a traingular Mesh.
    • This was a basic game where the user controls his car using the arrow keys where his basic motive was to complete a 3 lap race in the least possible time.
  7. Implementations of basic Operating Systems Functionality (Feb - April 2014)
    • Developed basic Operating Systems Features under the guidance of Prof. Sorav Bansal
    • Worked on two primitive OS - Pintos and Pios and implemented basic features like handling traps, system calls, performing read/write to files etc.
    • Implemented the virtual memory sub-system in Pintos with features like demand paging, memory-mapped files, stack growth, swap space, page eviction etc.
  8. Course Management System (Feb - March, 2014)
    • Developed a course guiding system to help students in course registration process each semester under the guidance of Prof. Maya Ramanath
    • Built a course management system with databases containing info about all the courses, professors, students, pre-requisites, credit structure, course ratings, reviews, questions, friends etc.
    • This database was then used as a backend to a web portal which provided users to generate their timetables, get suggested courses, view their degree completion apart from many other things.
    • Students could also make friends on the portal and follow them on what courses they are picking. Also course suggestions based on students from your departments were also given.