Work Update

I will be joining Microsoft, Hyderabad sometime in 2016 as a full time Software Engineer where I aim to work in the domain of Computer Graphics and Internet of Things.

Research Interests

My broad area of interest is Computer Graphics. In particular, my areas of interest consist of the following:

  • Mixed Reality Systems
  • Virtual Reality Systems
  • Augmented Reality Systems
  • Game Development and Optimization

I also love to work on Software Systems and Computer Networks. I have worked on Software Defined Networking, Cloud Computing and Virtualization as part of my undergraduate projects


  • Research & Innovation Award : Presented with Research and Innovation Award by IIT-Delhi Alumni Association for the Open House, 2015
  • HRD Scholarship : Awarded MHRD Scholarship & Teaching Assistantship, 2014-15
  • Joint Entrance Examination : Qualified into top 1.6% among approximately 500K candidates, 2010
  • ESOL Examination, University of Cambridge : Awarded Merit in Key English Test, 2007
  • National Science & Cultural Fest : Awarded First Position for successful demonstration of Magnetic Levitation, 2007
  • All India Talent Scholarship Award : Awarded Certificate of Brilliance & Cash Prize, 2005
  • National Science Olympiad : Awarded School Topper Medal in 7th National Olympiad, 2004

Academic Activities

Currently, I am working on the following projects which are also associated with my research interests:

  • Hybrid Rendering of Massive Datasets
    • Objective :Render massive point clouds (approximately 10 million points) as points & polygonal meshes
    • Implemented data structures and algorithm to render large datasets and achieved 2.5x compression of raw data while maitaining 60+ FPS for massive point clusters
    • Project Repository
  • Computer Aided Reconstruction & Simulation of Environment
    • Project of Government of India to develop a virtual tour of digitally reconstructed UNESCO heritage temple
    • Developed Virtual Environment & Interface of temple arena using Unity3D Game Engine
    • Project Prototype Video

More information about my courses can be found here.

More information about my projects can be found here.

Extra Curricular Activities

I love swimming and have formally represented my school at various state level events. I have also played for and represented my hostel at the Inter Hostel Aquatics and Inter hostel Waterpolo. I play drums and tabla and have represented my hostel at various events at hostel level such as Eastern night and Fusion Night.

Other Interests

I am a dog lover who loves to watch sci-fi and drama movies. I try to keep up with popular TV shows of comedy and drama genre (Valar Morghulis!). I listen to rock music mostly but sometimes change to bollywood music for a change. I am also an avid gamer and play all sorts of racing and first person shooter games. I play Counter Strike Global Offensive as a level 1 Master Guardian. I am a percussionist and play drums seldom with my friends when we jam casually. I take up freelance work as a Unity Developer.