Major projects(academic/fun) I am/was involved in:

Qrosity:Academic Search Engine


This project was done as a part of Software engineering course. Aimed at developing a social academic search engine to be used by academia with social interaction through user profiles and recommendation system on lines of software engineering principles using SRS and SDD. Worked on java based lucene framework, MAS APIs and recommendation algorithms, along with PHP, Java-Script and MySQL to build the whole system.

WHOIS: Yahoo! HackU-2012


WHOIS gives a visualization of your friend's facebook activities through automatically generated video rather than timeline by Extracted relevant information using intelligent ML and IR algorithms with a unique 3d visual experience using impress.js. This was a part of Yahoo! HackU IIT Delhi 2012 and was selected for presentation at IBM I-CARE 2012


Logisim IITD


LOGISIM is a Java based Graphical Tool for Designing and Simulating Logic Circuits. I did this project in Winter 2010 under guidance of Prof. Anshul Kumar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi

  • Logisim, originally adopted from Cburch, could only be used for Integers . This project was aimed at integrating FPU (floating point unit) components under the existing Arithmetic Unit for enabling the simulator to handle IEEE 754 Single Precision floating point arithmetic

  • The updated version, Logisim-IITD can be downloaded from SourceForge or Google Code

Idiot Box: Yahoo! HackU-2011


This was the Winning hack at HackU IIT Delhi organized by Yahoo! and ACM IIT Delhi in 2011. The Idiot Box was a web application to automatically generate dazzling slideshow Videos given Audio and Lyrics using YDN APIs.

Fonetix: Microsoft Appathon-2012


This was the hack made during Appathon organized by Microsoft and ACM IIT Delhi at IIT Delhi in Feb' 12. Fonetix was a SIRI like application on Windows 7 platform which was capable of doing following four Audio tasks by using speech recognition

  • Call: Make call to someone by speaking his name
  • Message: Text someone by speaking his name and then the message
  • Internet: Do internet search by speaking the query words
  • Facebook:Post status on your own wall by speaking through your Windows Phone

Pintos, An Academic Operating System


Developed a learning based academic uni-processor operating system. This project aimed at taking care of important design decisions of an OS for overall performance as well as durability of the system.

Student Performance Calculator- A Fuzzy Interface System


This project was aimed at developing a holistic student performance calculator (on a scale of 1-10) using fuzzy inputs of his individual performance in academics, sports, co-curricular, social and PORs. A Matlab based GUI was developed for the same.

Map-based social/traffic application with web and mobile interfaces


This project was aimed at developing a Google like GPS application with web and mobile interfaces on IIT Delhi Campus Map using Dijkstra's algorithm.

Ping-Pong : A networked multi-player game over Network


Implemented a Multi-player Ping-Pong game over Network with user-defined hardness levels based on a Server-Client model with communication over the Network through many threads listening on different sockets using TCP mode of communication . Implemented Artificial Intelligence for a computer for a single player game ( user v/s computer ).

Multiplayer Crazy Taxi game on FGPA


Implemented the logic of the famous Crazy Taxi game on Vertex2-Pro Xilinx FPGA Board. The game had 5 lanes and user has to avoid the oncoming traffic by shifting left or right. The game was made to play on VGA Display which was a very challenging part for us to implement.

MIPS-32 Processor design


Designed a subset of instructions for the MIPS-32 architecture on a simulator. This was a part of the Computer Architecture (CSL211). The simulator used was Logisim, a java based simulator. The input instructions were given using the register file, and the state changes in the outputs were displayed as the instructions got executed one by one.

Satellite Launch and Navigation System on FPGA


Implemented a complete Launch and Orbit Navigation Control system for Satellite on Spartan 3E Xilinx FPGA board. The Launch seuqence initialization was dual-password protected via digital lock and reset mechanism was also placed. After that, different stages of fuel burning and payload placement were implemented on the board.