Rendering of 3D models and Generating Quality Walkthrough Supervisor: Prof. Prem K Kalra

This project aims at computation of an optimal walkthrough as per user specified criteria. Currently I am working on this project to develop a way to quantify the quality of decimated model produced using blender. Future work involves improvment of gaze control algorithm currently being used in Walkthrough.

Comparative Study of Mesh Generation Algorithm Supervisor: Prof. Prem K Kalra

I study the effect of point cloud data on the quality of mesh produce by differet surface reconstruction algorithms.Analysed Poisson Surface Reconstruction and Ball Pivoting algorithm quantitatively and qualitatively. Establish the restriction on point cloud data for a good surface generation using Poisson surface reconstruction and BPA.

Music Discovery Service Supervisor: Prof. Maya Ramanath/h>

I with the help of two of my classmates (Apoorv Garg and Devashish Tyagi) developed a music discovery service. Project deals with management of large database. We used the data provided by and build indexes for improving our query time. We implemented features such as rating system (global and user), favourite songs, top songs etc. using triggers.

Academic Search Engine Supervisor: Dr. S C Gupta

The aim of the project was to get familiar with Software Engineering Principles. Following these principles we developed a web based search engine used to enquiry about different research papers. We built an automated crawler for acquiring database by crawling through relevant sites. To improve our search results we build indexes on the database and also implemented stemming for query expansion. This project was done in the group of 4.

Pintos Operating System Supervisor: Prof. Sourav Bansal

As a part of Operating System course, we build upon pintos, a simple instructional operating system framework for the 80x86 architecture. The project helps in understanding the concepts of operating system design by adding support for loading and running user programs, system calls, virtual memory and file system. This project was done in group of 2.

3D Maze Game Supervisor: Prof. Subodh Kumar

Developed a 3D maze game usign OpenGL as a part of Computer Graphics course. Implemented features such as emboss bump mapping, multisampling and explosion effect. Gameplay includes a 3D model exported from an external file used as game character. Objective of the game was to cross a 3D maze by saving himself/herself from various obstacles presented in the game.

3D Ping Pong Game Supervisor: Prof. Sourav Bansal

Developed a multiplayer 3D ping pong game that can be played over the network. Upto 4 players were allowed, while playing against CPU user was allowed to select different difficulty levels. Analysed the effect of network bandwidth and congestion on the gameplay and allow the game to adjust in high congestion network for better gameplay.

Other Course Projects

  1. Map Based Navigation system for IIT Delhi campus
  2. Interpreter for Prolog like language using ML-lex and ML-yacc
  3. Design and Developed Mips Architecture (for simple instructions) on Logisim as simulator
  4. Design and Developed BCD calculator and simulated on FPGA Board