Hi, I am Devashish Tyagi. I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. I am pursuing Dual Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. My current areas of interest include Computer Graphics, Graph Algorithms and Optimization Techniques. Currently, I am working on a project whose goal is to come up with a way to render rusted metallic objects. This project is being supervised by Prof. Subodh Kumar. Apart from the course curriculum, I invest a lot of time in competitive algorithmic programming. My team secured 3rd position at ACM ICPC Regionals, Kanpur 2012. But unfortunately we couldn't qualify for the ACM ICPC World Finals 2013. Hoping to get lucky next time.

I am an avid cricket, tennis and F1 fan. Though I have started appreciating Djoker a little bit, I am primarily a Federer fanatic. As far as F1 is concerned, my loyalty keeps shifting between Alonso and Kimi. I hope to graduate from IIT Delhi in the summer of 2014 :)

A detailed summary of the projects I have done till now can be found here. Some of my projects' source code can be found on github. My updated resume is available here. The best way to contact me is through email cs5090240[at]cse.iitd.ernet.in.