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"The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before"

- Bill gates

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I am a 21 Year old guy from Delhi, Topographically a Bengali, I did my schooling from Sachdeva Public School,Rohini and currently I am in my 4th(pre-final) year pursuing Dual Degree in CSE from IIT-Delhi,I live in a family of four with my Parents and elder brother I am just an average guy trying to live an extraordinary life(Lines taken from somewhere ,I don't exactly remember the source).Currently I am residing in Karakoram Hostel,IIT-Delhi,I have made great friends here you can read more about them in my blog. In terms of academic interests, I am very much fond of computer networks especially the internet, I also enjoyed my operating systems course a lot and from there my fondness for the field also grew, recently I have started working in the area of machine learning and I have started to like the area a lot mainly because of the fact that innumerous number of possible intelligent applications which can change the human experience can be developed using machine learning techniques. So all in all I am still exploring few of the many fields that computer science has to offer. Non-academically speaking, I am an extremely lazy guy who loves to eat and sleep :)however I do enjoy playing cricket a lot, travel and exploring new places, I also enjoy painting/sketching in my free time(mostly during the lectures :P). So that pretty much summarizes the about me section, in case, you want to leave a comment or anything, you are most welcome to do so just follow this link COMMENT

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I am not a regular blogger but I write sometimes so if you like it ,let me know... LOST INSIDE THE CAGE

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