Hello, I'm Ayush Patel

Sophomore, Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

More About Me

About Me

Ayush Patel

I am a Sophomore at Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi. I am a tech enthusiast interested in Hardware Design, Machine Learning, and Development of WebApps and Mobile apps
I am an avid learner who is enthusiastic about learning something new each and every day. On the whole, I love to code and am an enthusiastic coder.

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  • Dev Club Dec 2016 - Present
    Active Member of IIT Delhi Developers Club
  • BHM, IIT Delhi September 2017 - Present
    Technical Co-ordinator of Board for Hostel Management, IIT Delhi
  • SAC, IIT Delhi August 2017 - Present
    Web Executive of Student Affairs Council, IIT Delhi
  • BSA, IIT Delhi July 2016 - Present
    Jr. Web Executive of Board for Sports Activities, IIT Delhi
  • AAIP, IIT Delhi April 2016 - Present
    Design and Web Representative of Alumni Affairs and Interantional Programmes, IIT Delhi
  • ApioTech June 2016 - Present
    Android App Developer ApioTech (Startup)
  • Quadrotian May 2016 - Present
    Member of Tech Team of Quadrotian (Startup)
  • Hacking Club Jan 2016 - Present
    A part of Hacking Club, IIT Delhi - CoE-CSIA


  • IIT Delhi 2016 - 2020 (Exp)
    B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technolog, Delhi.
  • High School April 2016
    Completed my 12th standard degree through AISSCE conducted by CBSE. (School: O. P. Jindal School)
  • Matriculation April 2014
    Completed my 10th standard degree through AISSE conducted by CBSE. (School: O. P. Jindal School)

My Projects

Major Projects

  • Capture The Flag May 2017 - July 2017
    Summer Research Project
    ~Prof. Ranjan Bose (CoE-CSIA, IIT Delhi)
  • Tank Assault May 2017 - July 2017
    IITD Development Club Project
  • Departmental Site for Water Resources July 2017 - August 2017
    Design Project
    ~Prof. Sumedha Chakma (CE, IIT Delhi)

Course Projects

  • Elevator Control System September 2017
    VHDL Project
    ~Prof. Anshul Kumar (CSE, IIT Delhi)
  • Image Compression Script September 2017
    Data Structures Project
    ~Prof. Mausam (CSE, IIT Delhi)


Satpura Hostel
IIT Delhi, Delhi - 110016