Programmer Photographer Musician
"You don't take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it."
"When words fail, music speaks"

About Me WHO AM I?

Hi! I am Shantanu Verma, a Sophomore Undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi. I am currently pursuing my major
in Computer Science and Engineering.

Shantanu Verma

I am very enthusiastic about various fields in Comuter Science, especially in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Development in Java/Python/C++.

I am also interested in Topics from Theoritical Computer Science like Algorithms and Graph Theory

Apart from that I am very much into Photography and Music. If you know some good music don't hesitate to recommend me one!

Recent Projects


We(My Friend Manas and I )worked on this project. We are developing this project in VHDL using Vivado Design Suite.

Long Exposure Photography

Prof. Anshul Kumar

The idea is to print your name in the air.Yes, you read that right! IN THE AIR! Persistence of Vision enables us to see a trail of light even after it has changed

A sequence of LED values decided such that scrolling the LEDs ina horizontal manner would generate text.

The idea is to do something like this.


The algorithm was implemented in Java.


Prof. Mausam

The goal of this project was to implement B-Trees but with a twist.The twist was that B-Tree now can store Duplicate values.

Now, how effeciently one can handle this twist is what this project was all about. Interesting point to note: The B-Tree can now accept duplicate values that means it is possible that B-tree might contain only one key. So, if we delete this value our tree get empty in just one deletion( It's crazy,right ?).

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